Our Solutions

Our Solutions

SMILE Therapy Services LLC is an award-winning mental health and wellness agency focused on helping your organization increase your employee retention, productivity and happiness.

From professional development workshops to organizational leadership consulting services, top companies lean on our solutions to improve their employee wellness and culture through our diverse team of licensed experts. SMILE’S team encompasses licensed social workers, professional counselors as well as marriage and family therapists.

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If your organization is experiencing any of these challenges, you’re not alone

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Organizational Leadership Workshops

We partner with you to understand the needs of your audience or team and tailor the engagement to be immediately relevant and applicable. All workshops can be provided virtually or in-person.


Effective Communication

  • Effective communication can make or break a successful work environment.  Too often, leaders are not equipped with the proper communications tools to lead in a supportive manner and this can greatly impact morale and employee retention.  Our trainings will help leaders learn communication strategies to improve their conflict-resolution and listening techniques so they can communicate in a productive and respectful manner.

Leverage your Leadership Style

  • Your team’s leadership style has an incredible impact on work relationships. We’ll explore the various types of leadership styles as well as the strengths and areas of growth associated with each one.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Some experts say that emotional intelligence could be more important than your “IQ” in your overall success in life. The good news? We believe leaders have the power to improve it.  Equip your leadership team with the knowledge involving emotional intelligence.  They will walk out of this workshop with the ability to better connect with their team while building further trust, and meaningful relationships.


Wellness Workshops

  • Self-Care & Stress Management
  • Building Your “Resiliency Muscle”
  • Implementing Work-Life Balance 
  • Cultural Competency & Unconscious Bias 
  • Mental Health Spot-Checks
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Understanding The Pandemic’s Impact on Socialization
  • The Power of Patience:  What Listening Has To Do With It
  • Coping With Trauma: Grief & Loss 
  • Trauma Education Overview: The Impact On The Brain
  • Mental Health In The Elderly Population: Signs To Look Out For

Our team facilitates workshops of all sizes, including Safe Space Processing Sessions, which is designed for small groups including Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).  These intimate sessions allow employees to process current events that are affecting their mental wellbeing and ultimately, their ability to perform as their best self within the workplace. 

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Diversity and Inclusion Trainings


As a black and women-owned company, we have focused on hiring diverse professionals since our inception.  We are one of the few firms in our niche with a full stack of seasoned, diverse and certified licensed professionals.  We understand diversity – and it’s impact first hand – no explanation needed.

  • Assessment:  We facilitate interviews, surveys and focus groups to grasp a full picture of your current state of Diversity and Inclusion, including strengths and weaknesses.  This dynamic assessment of your workforce behavior and mindset enables us to provide a detailed report, along with solutions for shaping short term and long term impact.
  • Result:  Reduced prejudice and discrimination in an organization, improved understanding of the benefits of a diverse workplace, increased ability for leaders as well as employees to work together as one team.

Want to improve your organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts?  Let’s connect.


Advisory Consulting For School Districts

We consult your school districts on best practices for creating a seamless, integrated and unified approach for mental health professionals and school staff  serving your students and parents.

Mental Health Professionals

  • Assessment:  We evaluate your handbook, on-boarding process, internal trainings as well as policies to help gain an understanding of your current processes for serving your students.  This often involves assessments from the top-down and across multiple schools so we can determine the best course of action. 
  • Result:  A layered and 360-approach that involves an assessment report, series of professional development trainings and tailored counseling/social work policy guide for your specific school district that can be utilized for the long term.  As new mental health professionals join your district, they will have clarity and direction on expectations involving students as well as parents.

School Staff

  • Assessment:  We provide wellness workshops and organizational leadership training workshops with an emphasis on trauma, including effectively providing trauma informed services to the students and families
  • Result:  Your staff will be able to leverage specialized skills to help them improve engagement as well as education with students and their families.  Your staff will also receive wellness support and strategies to manage their personal mental health wellness so they can show up fully in their role.