Elizabeth Kim Bio

Elizabeth Kim Bio

Elizabeth Kim, ATR-BC, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered, Board Certified Art Therapist and CYT Certified Yoga Instructor.

Elizabeth went to George Washington University and received her Master’s degree in Art Therapy.  Elizabeth has interned with various populations included Children with Cancer at Children’s Hospital and older adults with Alzheimer’s at Greenspring Erickson Retirement community and on the inpatient psychiatric unit at George Washington University Hospital. 

Post grad, Elizabeth has worked at an Adult Day center and provided Art Therapy groups to Senior Citizens with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and collaborated with the Phillips Collection (Museum) to host a participant art show at the museum, while co-writing and publishing a booklet featuring artwork from the exhibition.  

Elizabeth has also hosted the First Lady of the Republic South Korea, wife of the President Kim Jung-Sook and presented her Art Therapy program that integrates Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Music, while discussing the memories that have resurfaced for the participants through the cognitive and tactile experience of creating art. 

Elizabeth Kim has served on the Potomac Art Therapy Association Board since 2017 as Vice President and received the Distinguished Service award. Elizabeth has recently retired from this position and will be moving toward her own personal ventures. 

Elizabeth currently works at Smile Therapy Services, a Community Based agency that provides counseling services to students that attend DCPS Schools and Charter Schools. Elizabeth works at a Charter School in DC.  Elizabeth integrates art therapy, counseling, and yoga into her sessions.  Elizabeth received her Teacher Yoga certification from Breathe for Change and has completed a mindfulness certification and continues to utilize that in her professional and personal life.

Elizabeth is finishing her Teacher Certification in Qoya, January 2021, which utilizes dance, yoga, meditation, breathwork and narrative therapy.  Qoya uses movement as a portal to remember, to feel our perspective shifts from feeling stagnant/stuck to savoring life to its fullest. 

Elizabeth has presented lectures and workshops at several universities and colleges including, VCU, Molloy College, American University, Trinity University, GWU-DBH, and George Mason University. 

Elizabeth Kim also had a Private Practice called Ginkgo Art Therapy and is reaching out to local universities and schools to provide Self-Care/Mindfulness oriented programs for students in high stress transitions/times, including testing weeks and graduation.  

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